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With the vision of "Leading people to have healthy skin in the world." In 2005, with the first clinic opened in the Netherlands, our company has been thrown out of our company, human health, sensitivity to the environment and the importance given to education in the forefront of the company policy in a short period of time has made itself in the region and increased the number of clinics. We received our story that started in the Netherlands since 2012 under the umbrella of the trademark registrations have been going to COSMETRA in Izmir city of Turkey. Our company which conducted by the R & D activities in Europe to Turkey is involved in the production and distribution of dermocosmetic product that strengthens skin health. Our company, with its seven years of experience and know-how in the sector, has adopted the mission of delivering high quality products to its target markets without compromising the structure of human health by following the R & D activities in this field. All products offered by our company to the market are CE certificated. Our company that has been awarded the 2014 World Quality Summit at the” 3rd International World Quality Summit” which organized in Washington, USA jointly by Lobin World and the International Diplomats Association (DMW) is the only Turkish dermocosmetic company that is a member of EUROCHAMBRES in the European Parliament of Enterprises (EPE) as of 2016.

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