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Our adventure started with an apprenticeship in 1974 and continued with the mastery of numeracy in 1979 and with the first step taken in 1987, the company increased the capacity of 50 pairs per week with small manual workmanship. The products carry the most beautiful aspects of Turkish craftsmanship and are 100% hand-made. Under the leadership of qualified and artful craftsmen, quality production makes sales in Turkey and abroad. With the experience gained over the years, it prepares up-to-date collections and presents them to the appreciation of its customers. Our company founded AKSIN SHOES MATERIALS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY. TIC.LTD. STI. to provide better quality service to its customers in 2009 and to eliminate the problem of supply of Gaziantep materials by increasing the quality of its own. In 2014, the company established its own leather company AKSIN DERI SAN TIC LTD STI. Thus, in the shoe industry; AKSIN SHOES INDUSTRY CO. LTD Leather at AKSIN LEATHER LTD. AKSIN AYK YAN SAN MALZ IMLT SAN TIC LTD STI Production continues to offer its customers a single brand by combining three branches within its structure.

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