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Lider Cosmetic was founded in 1978 in Istanbul. The purpose of foundation is to become an international power developing high quality, innovative products in line with the requirements of the consumers in personal care and cosmetic industry. Lider Cosmetic, with the objective of becoming a Leader growing organization beneficial to the society, economy and environment progresses in accordance with this objective by ensuring all of its employees, suppliers in cooperation, business partners and customers earn. The company that entered into the Home Care Products market in 2001 with GREEN WORLD and XL brands has reached 36 export companies. The company added Personal Care Products into its categories in 2005 and launched MAJIX and ALEDA brands. The number of export companies has reached to 45. Lider Cosmetic reached 90 export countries in 5 continents in 2012 and laid the foundations of new manufacturing facilities within Dilovasi, IMES and OSB. Lider Cosmetic is a strong company today employing 261 employees. Featuring an integrated manufacturing capability of 105 million units per year in cosmetic, personal care, home and car care products at a manufacturing facility of 30 thousand square meter located in Gebze Dilovasi industrial zone, Lider Cosmetic is also the largest aerosol manufacturer of Turkey and Middle East. Aerosol refers to the dispersion of liquid particles in gas. It is the manufacturing method of applying propellant gas into canned products. Since it is a complicated technology that requires experience, it is available only in certain manufacturing facilities around the world. In addition to the state of the art technology employed at its manufacturing facilities, Lider Cosmetic also becomes prominent through its dense and exhaustive R&D activities performed by its expert staff at the product development stage. Allocating the 5% of its annual return to R&D investments, Lider Cosmetic continues its operations as a corporation focused on research activities. Lider Cosmetic manufacturing the products of significant chain stores of Turkey and the world such as Carrefour, Tesco, Metro, BIM, Migros, Gratis and Sok, also fills up the products of strong brands and continues its investments in this area. Adopting as a principle to provide its domestic and foreign customers with the best service, Lider Cosmetic is capable of making efficient use of the advantages of the geography it is located in. Being close to significant ports, prompt service mentality in the delivery of required products and services and high level of logistic capability have positioned Lider Cosmetic as a reliable company maintaining its long term trade mentality. In addition to export activities, Lider Cosmetic also continues its investments in Turkish market and has built its own sales network in local channel and offers many of its products at significant points. The company aims at being one of the leading organizations of the domestic market with strong and recognized brands. Lider Cosmetic features in its product range many products manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and GMP quality standards. Perfume, deodorant, roll-on, hair care products, body spray and lotion, hair conditioning spray, air freshener, furniture polish, carpet, kitchen, bathroom, oven, glass and leather cleaners, anti-dust, insecticide and lighter fluid, etc.. Apart from these products, R&D studies on many products and projects in personal care category continue without slowing down.

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