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Starting to provide international transportation services in the year 1998 Logitrans has set off with the target to be a leading brand in Russia, Kazakhstan and Baltic, BTD Countries and Asian countries respectively from the very first day. Our point of view to the international transportation and logistic in business life of today, the supply of the goods is more important than the manufacturing. Together with the development and spread of technology, manufacturing can be performed in every part of the world. However, it has caused many private and public establishments to be created in delivering the goods to the companies and the end consumers (opening of Air and Sea ports to the cargo services, expansion of the train networks - making available for the load transportation and attaching importance to the combines transportation, development of the storage services and providing stock facilities to the manufacturing companies other than manufacturing fields etc.). As for the supply of the good for the purpose of manufacturing, the fastest, trustworthy and the economic service manufacturers have been preferred. The delivery to the receiver as ''cheap, damage free and in time'' with our saying is identically proportional with the infrastructure facilities of that country. The importance of the companies providing logistic services here gains importance with the solutions manufactured according to the requirements of that country and the customer needs and the cost reflected to the receiver. When considered with this logic, we can see that the logistic sector is a multi-ring chain within its own body and like affecting of the total result due to the good operation of every ring and since the service must be consumed at the moment it is manufactured; it has a distinct way from the other sectors. Transportation and Logistic Logitrans, integral parts of the each others as expressed above the Logistic sector, each ring must be performed carefully otherwise it will result in failure to reach the total benefit. There are main service providers like carrier, storekeeper, and customs advisory. Each being experts in their fields is the proof for how strong the rings are. But the trick is no matter how big the establishments are, we have seen that a good service is not directly proportional with the size since it will ne be possible for all facilities at the maximum level, in every unit and every time and all around the world. Logitrans logic is to provide service in optimum level with its own office and facility aim not related to any establishments and with customer focusing everywhere and every instance. What is important here is our group acting with Logitrans logic is being the best business partner everywhere and every time in the course it can provide service to the customer.

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