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We are ISO 9001-2008 certified Indian original manufacturer and exporter of Hot Foil Marking Tape/ Hot Foil Printing Tape / Sequential Marking Tape / Hot Stamping Marking Foil / Marking Tape / Pigment Foil/. This tape is used in Wire & Cable Industries and Plastic Pipe manufacturing industries for marking / embossing / coding printing of logo, specifications and meter length etc on electric cables sheathed with PVC / HDPE / NYLON / XLPE and Plastic pipes made of PVC / HDPE / NYLON and RUBBER. Our Hot Foil Tape is available in White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red colors. We are equipped to produce specific color shade tapes on choice of customers. Specialty of our Hot Foil Marking tape is that it works in all type of weather conditions (-40 to +55 degree Celsius) and in any humid or rainy atmosphere. Good print quality is obtained at low temperature profile and hence is suitable for high out-put production lines also. Embossed print result is fine, sharp, clear and resistant to water, scrubbing and rubbing. We are producing Hot Foil Printing Tape in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm,9mm and 10mm sizes on regular basis. However, we can produce any size from 6mm to 650mm. Our tape is available in 1000meter to 3000meter length on plastic core of 25mm and 76mm ID. We shall be glad to send FREE sample rolls to you for your observations and testing.

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