As Memsan we manufacture and suppy rolling bench elements, rolling machines, rolling machine frames, knives, rolling machine robots, drive rolls, launders, rollers, rolling mill cooling platforms, metal processing machines, metal processing machineries, tractor tow bars, tow bars, conveyors, rolling bench element, rolling machine, rolling machine frame, knife, rolling machine robot, drive roll, launder, roller, rolling mill cooling platform, metal processing machine, metal processing machinery, tractor tow bar, tow bar, conveyor, iron steel industry spare parts, iron steel industry machineries, iron steel industry machines, metal processing and special machineries, metal processing and special machines, steel constructions, steel products, agricultural tools, agricultural machineries, agricultura machines, agriculture machineries, agriculture machines, molds, moulds, platinum metal sheets, platinum sheets, plastic products, iron steel industry spare part, iron steel industry machinery, iron steel industry machine, metal processing and special machinery, metal processing and special machine, steel construction, steel product, agricultural tool, agricultural machinery, agricultura machine, agriculture machinery, agriculture machine, mold, mould, platinum metal sheet, platinum sheet, plastic product... It has been established at Samsun Province’s, 19 May District in 1982 as a workshop by Ahmet Memis and agricultural tools and machinery were manufactured in this workshop until the year 1997. In January of 1998 it has been established as a company, supported by 3 partners under the name of Memsan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry located at Samsun Example Industrial Zone, on an area of 900 m²and a work potential capable of serial manufacturing of tractor towing apparatus was achieved. Towing apparatus for Basak tractors were manufactured during 1998-2000. After 2000, towing apparatus for other tractor brands, Massey Ferguson, and Perkins were also manufactured. Due to the interruptions in the agricultural sector, the manufacturing was given a different direction and plastic molds and plastic injections were manufactured during 2001 -2007, qty. 155.000 heater feet for the Ufo brand were manufactured. Additionally, manufacturing activities such as Rolling Machines, robots, Rolling Machine inlet-outlet boxes and their spares for companies that are active in the field of Iron and Steel Industry are being realized since 2000. Presently, the Company is continuing its activities at Samsun Organized Industry Region on a 6050 m² closed and 9000 m² opean area.

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