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MOENA YAPI A.S. is established in Eskisehir in 2020, always aiming to be one step ahead in the sector with its customer-oriented working strategy, aiming excellence in quality management and service to its customers, without forgetting that development is based on devoted work, and with its contemporary and dynamic structure that adopts business ethics and honesty as a principle, and its team with 15 years of experience in the industry. Taking our experience and knowledge with us, it aims to offer quality and all the privileges of quality to its customers in national and international markets. In making Turkish ceramics and natural stone known to the world with its technology and quality, reach better places in the near future, it is obvious that MOENA YAPI A.S. will make a significant contribution to it with its products' design and quality. We perceive the needs of our customers quickly and accurately and start the process with the question of how we can provide better service. Because we are aware that your time is valuable. That is why; we as MOENA YAPI A.S. have the principle of maximum customer satisfaction. Our company; always aiming for innovation and quality, continues to work meticulously to create new values by transforming creative ideas into visually perfect products. VISION To be a leading organization by having high quality product variety and by offering all our products and services to our customers with our experience and creativity in a safe and high quality manner, which is preferred by everyone in the building sector, meeting customer expectations. MISSION As MOENA YAPI A.S., to deliver high quality products and services from A to Z to our customers, within the framework of international standards, in every country where we operate, with our philosophy that values human beings, based on love and respect.

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