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Oriental Electronic company, which was established in 1985, designs and produces wireless communication systems and provides high quality wireless sound systems to be used in local areas where these services are needed such as schools, mosques, municipalities, industrial facilities and military areas with the production of Orient Wireless Sound System Products and Wireless Announcement Systems.

Our company carries out its activities in accordance and in compliance with ISO 9000 quality management standards, follows technological developments closely with its qualified and experienced technicians and engineers in order to continue developing new products, and provides new dimensions to the sector with “Research and Development” works in order to develop a greater variety of products.

The aim of Oriental Electronic is to become a leading company in the wireless sound sector on a national and international scale, always be a leading figure of the sector, invest in the production of superior products and never disappoint those who have put their trust in us.


- Mosques
- Municipalities
- Schools
- Military installations
- Industrial Sites
- Holiday villages and hotels
- Cemeteries
- Villages and small towns
- Factories
- Gasoline Stations
- Sightseeing Boats
- Parks and Leisure Areas
- Markets
- Hospitals (External Areas)

and more…

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