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As Ozkanlar Baskul we manufacture and supply weighbridges, scales, electronic vehicle weighbridges, truck scales, industrial weighing systems, weighing systems, weighbridge spare parts, weighbridge accessories, digital weighbridges, container weighing systems, belt scales, loader scales, excavator scales, transpallet scales, crane scales, weighbridge, scale, electronic vehicle weighbridge, truck scale, industrial weighing system, weighing system, weighbridge spare part, weighbridge accessory, digital weighbridge, container weighing system, belt scale, loader scale, excavator scale, transpallet scale, crane scale, dynamic weighing systems, static weighing systems, marble scales, pallet scales, tumba sclaes, iron and steel scales, livestock scales, multipurpose small bascules, indicators, loadcells, j-boxes, traffic light systems, barrier systems, plate recognition systems, external displays, voice guidance systems, visual guidance systems, rfid systems, dynamic weighing system, static weighing system, marble scale, pallet scale, tumba sclae, iron and steel scale, livestock scale, multipurpose small bascule, indicator, loadcell, j-box, traffic light system, barrier system, plate recognition system, external display, voice guidance system, visual guidance system, rfid system... Ozkanlar baskul has begun to produce mechanical weighing scales at 1985. By the improvements in technology, the Company has started to produce electronic weighing systems after 1995. We serve with the 40 different kinds of products for different industries. The vehicle weighbridges are our major products. Our company added research & development department which creates new products with experienced engineers to provide our customer all needs. The Company which takes guide of customer’s needs, efforts to make best in all departments. ISO 9001/2008 standarts has been added in company management of quality system and with the CE certificate, company catches Europe Standards. With our experienced technicians and sales manager, we serve all over the country. We serve official stamping and registering with our weighbridge calibration vehicle and M1 class 40T etalon masses for customer. Ozkanlar Baskul is increasing its successes with combining experience and Technologies without breaking the company vision which is being sensitive for nature and human.

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