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PB Foreign Trade is the export company of Premier Business Group of Companies, specialized in manufacturing aluminium extruded profiles PB Foreign Trade is a leading provider of economical, high quality aluminum extrusion solutions.For two decades, we have pioneered the standard for products ranging from basic mill finish profiles to the most complex curtain wall systems. Ideally situated in Istanbul, PB Foreign Trade presents a unique and productive sourcing opportunity for European and Asian customers, and certainly welcomes clients from Africa as well. Thanks to our high technology steps in the aluminium sector and our principle of responding through our experienced staff, we actually are located in foreign markets with more than 7000 customised dies. Across Europe, we combine the benefits of local support with access to world-class equipment and prime aluminum billet.The proximity of our factory operations (thanks to special custom union agreement with E.E.U) ensures unmatched economies for our customers ? all without sacrificing quality. PbThese are supported by, and serve as, the foundation for our : a) TSE (Turkish Standards Institute Quality Certificate for extrusions and anodizing) b) EURAS/EWAA (Quality Certificate of European Aluminium Anodizeds Association for anodizing by Qualanod International) c) ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 Certificate Quality at PB Foreign Trade starts with use of prime aluminum billet. It extends to our highly trained and dedicated engineers and staff, and a professional management team that oversee your project at every stage, and with whom you have direct communication. The profiles that we have been producing are being used in nearly 40 different sectors from doors-windows to accessories from ventilation systems to roller blinds. Anodisation, powder coating, cutting, drilling, punching facilities are available in our plant. Our motto is to produce European quality with better prices. We can offer you very competitive prices and attractive delivery times either our standard sections or your own profiles in case you send us their technical drawings or the samples with all necessary information such as alloy, surface treatment, any mechanical processing, length and quantity.

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