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POMZA EXPORT INC. founded in 1969,half-century journey to become an example of honesty and diligence . Our company has become a reliable brand in its fields of activity. POMZA EXPORT INC. operates activities in accordance with national and international standards. Our company is successful in our country and wants to achieve worldwide success. Our company is working according to the principles of quality and reliability. We have a strong structure with advanced technology. Our company has set up innovative businesses with market requirements in the appropriate locations. We are making active use of resources with the market, proximity to raw materials, main issues. POMEX Ready Mixed Concrete Plant; Produced ready-mixed concrete with high quality aggregates produced at Sart Mine Operation. It manufactures ready-mixed concrete in every class appropriate to its customers' expectations. Strong machines, vehicle park and laboratory services are provided. It is the integration investment of Sart Mining.In a short time has become the preferred brand. eile POMEX CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS POMZA EXPORT INC. it produces integrated production with its own mines. Our factory has integrated production. Produced products are marketing to the construction sector. We have a wide range products. We can provide all the products needed by the construction industry. The designs and productions made by our expert team its provide high customer satisfaction. Our products that provide system solutions have quality certificates. We have CE, TSE and ISO 9001 certificates eile POMEX CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL MAJOR PRODUCT GROUPS Thermal, Acoustic And Fire Insulation Systems Waterproofing Systems Cement Based Acrylic Based Bitumen Based Polyurethane Based Repair & Reinforcement Systems Historical Building Repair Systems Flooring Systems Surface Hardeners Epoxy Coatings Polyurethane Coatings Plasters Adhesive Primer And Mold Oils Ceramic Adhesives Fuga-Joint Fillers Anchoring And Installation Products

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