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We started furniture production in ANKARA in 1975 and continue in INEGOL since 1985. We have earned our profession in this period and we have preserved our reputation without giving concession to our Quality Philosophy, With a production area of approximately 2000 square meters, we produce Classic Sofa Sets, Avangard Sofa Sets and Modern Sofa Sets, as well as Custom Manufacturing Dormitories, Hotels and similar places for Sofa sets, closets and lockers "Pumokoltuk" Our brands are located in Domestic and Foreign markets. Our targets, To export to domestic market We can list the quality understanding that we have adopted as a company. With our consciousness of responsibility towards collecting in our company; catch a line that aims to fully meet customer expectations. Our product quality, technical support and after-sales services to provide and increase customer satisfaction. To ensure continuous development with the conscious participation of our employees with high motivation and success. To work with our suppliers in mutual cooperation and trust to increase our productivity. As the last Mumun Sekman's Agile Companies is the main theme of the book; "Every afternoon in Africa a lion wakes up, knows that the slowest gazelle must run faster or it will disappear, Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, knowing that the fastest speed should run faster or disappear, There is no point in being a lion or a celeb. As long as you get up every morning, you need to run faster. "

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