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STD Transformator was established in 2009 at Adana, Turkey as manufacturer and service provider of Oil-immersed Power and Distribution Transformers combines a significant amount of transformer knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected and renowned Turkish producers and service companies of small, medium and large power transformers in one group. Our Company produces various types of transformers of different power and voltage complying with international standards such as IEC 60076 and ANSI, BSI, IEEE, NEMA, TS EN 60076, IS:2026 with its registered ‘STD’ brand within the scope of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Since it was established, our company aimed a controlled and steady growth and has a sustainable growth capacity offered by the vision of without compromising quality and customer satisfaction in all its services and products. By virtue of product quality and innovation policy, STD Transformator becomes pioneer manufacturer of transformers in Turkey and exports 85% of its production to 17 countries.

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