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SAMSONBULK ,as Vessel Chartering Specialist and Commodity Traders offers high-quality services to clients all around the globe. SAMSONBULK was established to respond to the ever-increasing scope of demands of the maritime business, and our enthusiasm, resourcefulness, emphasis on personal effort, and high regard for our clients are key elements of our company that have helped us acquire and build a lasting reputation for excellence in our performance. Since our foundation, SAMSONBULK has provided our clients with the highest level of service, supported by a cultivated and motivated team that consistently works to provide immediate, direct, and complete services through an integrated information technology system.The sense of team spirit that we have built and fostered at our company have helped us handle complex problems, improve our effectiveness and efficiency, and provide optimum levels of service and performance for our clients. With our emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, SAMSONBULK stands out as a pioneer among the ship broking companies of today. SAMSONBULK provides safe and reliable shipping services through highly prompt and customized solutions. Since the founding of SAMSONBULK, one of our main goals, in addition to monitoring markets on an hourly basis for our clients and providing secure solutions, has been to build and cultivate lasting business relations and mutually rewarding partnerships. Today, we are proud to have developed rewarding, fair, and lasting relationships with our partners all over the world. THE ORCHESTRA CHIEF IN THE SEAS

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