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Sesan A.S.- Semak A.S. is a multi specialist in stamping sheet steel, roll forming, welding, assembly and machining of components for the Automotive industry. We have numerous presses spanning a wide range of stamping and forming capabilities. It is this flexibility that enables us to perform efficiently a wide variety of operations in the short to long run ranges. Together with our huge CNC-machining capabilities, we are a preferred ′′supply partner′′ to leading OEMs in the Automotive industries in Turkey and abroad. As a ISO TS-16949, ISO-14001 and Q1 certified company, our objective is to provide highest quality to our sophisticated clients helping them manufacture the finest quality products in the most efficient manner possible and sustain them to be more competitive and more profitable. stamping parts, roll forming parts, cnc machining parts, powder coating parts, assembly parts, welding parts, machine parts, hubs, brake drums, brake discs, starter rings,

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