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In Turkey where the whole colors of architecture are taking SHS Entegre having the target of presenting products worthy of its culture is a brand bringing together the accumulation of past and today’s technology. SHS Entegre constituting corporate philosophy is an internalizing-quality company for those who want to create overrun-the-time places. SHS Entegre offers the quality to the customers in every step with supplying, high tech, experienced staff and customer satisfaction principle for people looking for the quality in every place.

Being active on a 6.300m2 closed facility with 120 staff SHS Entegre has also the production capacity for your demands. Daily production capacity is;
* 300 sets of Wood Veneer interior doors
* 150 sets of Steel Security Doors
* 2500m2 of Acrylic Panel production
* 1200m2 of Membrane Cover Production
* 150 pieces of MDF Lam sizing
* 2000 meter of PVC Edge Banding
* 10 linear meters tulle of Lamination Line
* 15 linear meters tulle of Tongue and Grove Wood Paneling
* 350 meter of Solid Wood Windows and Doors.

SHE Entegre became a company to meet the demands of the customers looking for quality not only in Turkey but also in abroad.

Among the countries meeting the SHS quality are Germany, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Amman, Qatar, Dubai, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijani. In a short time many countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East will acquainted with the quality of SHS Entegre.

Not only is SHS Entegre designing today’s living areas but also tomorrow’s to create high value for its products. Manufacturing at five main product group SHS Entegre is a specialist brand at architectural projects with wood siding door, membrane cover, acrylic surface and cover, furniture decoration and wooden window.

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