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We are manufacturers and exporters of Motorbike Racing and Touring boots and are providing our quality products to leading brands of the world for the last 12 years. The SIGMA has established itself as one of the most aggressive organization in Biker Boots Industry.SIGMA has a most advanced manufacturing infrastructure to implant all the new technical and design innovations in its boots up to its existing of producing 300,000 pairs annually. Working towards international performance standards, SIGMA has consistently demonstrated high level of expertise in R & D as well as in the testingand practical usage of its products. More than 400 members ( people call them employees ) of SIGMA have devoted their skills and expertise to excel the organization and is reflected in its highly specialized range of Moto Bike & MotoCross Boots. The quality control department is well placed to ensure the effective implementation of ISO-9001:2000 the internationally recongnized standard for quality management system.

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