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We, SVAR PROJECTS, An ISO 9001:2008 TUV Certified company engaged in manufacturing, supply and Export of CHRIS Eco-friendly Air Ventilators (CEAV) since 2001. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in products as well as in the services. Our corporate strategy is to design, manufacture and supply standard quality products backed by total solution for installation, commissioning and trouble shooting. CEAV, A conceptual product exhausts the hot gases from enclosed area without using any electrical power, as it is operated by natural air blow. It is complete solution of dust, fumes, moisture, hot gases, and bad odour within your work place. It is unique product improve the working conditions of the work place; conserve the electric energy and environment friendly too. Our customers include all major project consultants, Market leaders in all industries like engineering, pharmaceutical, steel, polymer, plastic, tobacco, bio-technology, chemical, Alkalies, coustic soda ash, plywood, dairy, pigments, paints, rubber, safety, textile, cosmetics etc. You are requested to kindly register our name as one of your approved supplier and favour us with your valued inquiries from time to time. However, if you require any further clarification regarding our products, kindly feel free to contact us at any time, and it will be our pleasure to provide you with the details required.

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