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Our company opened under the name of TIRPAR in the year of 2016, providing service in 2000 square meters area. Our company, which does not compromise on quality and safety, keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground with its serious approach in marketing. TIRPAR has exceeded its market targets and has become one of the most dynamic firms in the industry with its sales and experience from the past. TIRPAR's experience, knowledge and quality are exported to 19 countries evaluated in domestic and international market. These countries are exported under the name of TRPAR brand. With the importance it gives to their work with their expert and experienced staff, they always protect and supervise the customers right to obtain products in their original quality. Our company, which renews its knowledge every day, has accelerated the work of all the fields and by adding specialists personel to their fields decorated these studies by exporting them to new countries. Specializing in trailers and trailer equipment, TIRPAR has achieved a rightful success in Turkish Commercial Vehicles market.

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