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Promotion is also named as “supportive events to increase sales” and it is also one of major methods that is used in our country as well. Turmak AS was established in 1975 as manufacturer for automobile parts and molds. Promotion was not known as a sector then. In 1980's, with entrance of promotion to our lives, TURMAK converted its structure to promotipnal materials and always replied demans from different industries with care and have always been one of leader companies in promotional field. Turmak is especially expert on Wall clocks and also does various desktop items and kitchenwares. OEM items for personal use are also in company's range. Apart from Turkey market, Turmak is also aiming to increase sales internationally and with TIME ONE and ALLMUG brands exporting all european countries. 10% of Turmak's turnover is from Export Business. Turmak has increased turnover by his OEM projects, attention he paid on designed items. Turmak is know for his Works with famous industrial designers of Turkey. Turmak has been presenting these items at fairs such as Promoturk Istanbul, PSI Dusseldorf and Gifts & Premium Hong Kong. In addition to manufacturing, Turmak is also importing from Far East and Europe, different kind of materials depending on demands from customers. Expert team is able to offer best prices and delivery times in short time. By support his partner companies in Europe and China, Turmak is always offering last designs with highest Quality and satisfies his customers. Turmak production plant is located on 2500sqm closed area and Management office, showroom, molding facilitieis, injection, assembly line, stamp & silkc screen printing departments in this unit. Turmak has 40 workers including production, sales & marketing department. For an example, depending on model, Turmak is able to produce 2500-4000 pieces Wall clocks and 3000-5000 pieces thermo mug per day.

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