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Venusline Cosmetic Bursh Manufacturing Company, founded in Izmir, in 1953, made a strong start with its quality products in brush industry. The company increased its production capacity over the years by a large scale and improving change management it maintained its position to rank among the leaders of the sector. It also Commenced manufacturing in cosmetic industry in 2000 aiming to prepare a better quality and healthy life for coming generations. Improving in manufacturing cosmetics and personal care products each passing day, Venusline Cosmetic Brush Manufacturing Company manufactures the products for hair, beard, nape, professional brushes and combs for the use of hairdressers and the other high quality products such as toe files, hair coloring brushes. In manufacturing all the hair shaping products first quality material is used such as wooden body and German originated bristle and they are presented on sale all over the world. With its growing product range and sales force Venusline Cosmetic Brush Manufacturing Company has an organization consisting of sales and marketing department whis directs the domestic sales network, export sales department which directs export sales, R&D department which responsible for Project and feasibility studies on production development and renovating, after sales services and distributers relations departmen which works on customer satisfaction in supplying and delivery. All pernnel in the company are experinced, well trained and works devotedly. Venusline Cosmetic Brush Manufacturing Company, climbing up the top in Turkish market by working hard and discipline started advancing ahead in becoming a Turkish Brand and obtained the familiarity of world haidresses by having a good reputation from 2004. "Out top priority is the people" and this is the principle of ours in production business, we are open to all ways of doing business in becoming a leader of the sector and we aim to grow by dealer system. Venusline Cosmetic Brush Manufacturing Company is uncompromising on quality, it continues developing and growing to serve in the sector for years, advances regarding common sense and understanding for the people.

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