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Established as a small enterprize in 1966 Verim Plastik A.S has started its business life with its vision of serving country’s industry as well as agriculture. In 1974 our company had gained the pioneer position in industry and became an anonymous company with the name: Verim Plastik.

At the beginning of 80’s Verim Plastik introduced the UV (ultra-violet) based greenhouse film which was produced only by Verim Plastik. Thanks to that product, our farmers could work on land without any need to substitute greenhouse film for 48 months
We started our production in our factory in Kemalpasa, Izmir in the year 1990. In this modern facility we produced multi-layered greenhouse film with the help of co-extruder technology. We increased the width of our plastic production into 16 meters.

In 2005, Verim Plastik successfully established its own warehouse and sales office in Almeria, Spain, the most concentrated and largest greenhouse area in the World. Furthermore, the company formed strategic partnerships in Dubai and in Moscow, from where Verim Plastik products are successfully marketed to Arabic countries and former Soviet Republics
Verim Plastik did not only follow new developments in technology but has also developed new innovations. Customer Satisfaction and high quality has been the secret behind Verim Plastik’s success, since its establishment in 1966
Verim Plastik A.S has started to the manufacturing of three layer films first time in Turkey and has joined the league of a few manufacturers using this technology. Verim Plastik A.S. is currently exporting its products to customers located not only in countries expert in greenhouse film manufacturing such as Spain, Israel, Italy but also to a wide range countries from USA and Canada up to African countries.

This is not just a story of accomplishment. Furthermore, it is a section of the Turkish farmer’s process of facing advanced farming. Verim Plastik has been one of the most important elements of this process during the last 40 years

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