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YIEH CORP is a global steel sourcing company of Taiwan's largest privately owned steel group, E-United Group, which provides a wide array of products and services covering the manufacturing, education, medical & health care, real estate & leisure business sectors. As an affiliate company along with YUSCO (3rd largest stainless steel manufacturer in Asia) and Yieh Phui (largest galvanized steel manufacturer in Asia), we specifically aim at providing a comprehensive distribution and sourcing solutions of steel products to the infrastructure, oil & gas, energy and industrial industry demands worldwide. For providing more competitive vendor varieties, branch office in Shanghai (China) were established along with our headquarter in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) for a total of 110 employees. Additionally, we have many qualified stainless steel, structural steel & other metallic vendors in Taiwan and China which we have been consistently cooperated above 15 years. Our scope of supply includes all kinds of steel and metallic products (coil, sheet, plate, strip, pipe, tube, flange, fitting, fastener, bearing, bar, wire rod, rope). One of our many competitive areas of services is the sourcing for Mirror Finish Stainless Steel (No. 8) and special surface treatment steels.

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