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YORSAN A.S, complying European norms and implementing modern technologic processes, is the world’s biggest Turkish Feta Cheese producer, makes up principal to offer best quality and delicious products at best healthy and hygienic conditions, in accordance with ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate and European Exportation Code.

Yorsan A.S. is implementing in its integrated milk and milk product facility which is found on 40.000 m² internal area, biggest in Middle East and Balkans, since 2002, without making concession from its principals.

Adopting most technological approach, Yorsan implements the endemic traditional cheeses’ production in modern facilities. Diyarbakir Orgu, Van Herbal, Urfa, Antep, Mihalic (Kelle), Izmir Tulum and Cyprus Hellim are some of the traditional cheeses that Yorsan is producing Yorsan’s product range consists of Turkish Feta Cheese and fresh Kashcaval selections, ripe Kashcaval, butter, cream, Tongue cheese, curd, mozzarella (tongue, knitted, black pepper, thyme, mushroom, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, red pepper, spicy), salad cheese, gouda cheese and gouda cheese with walnut and traditional cheeses.

The laboratory in Which is established in Yorsan’s Susurluk facility, is authorized to conduct international food safety analysis.

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