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I am currently working with a project whose mission is the manufacture of disposable diapers for babies and for which I am contacting you as your company that produces raw material for this product. Could you please tell me about the raw material you sell such as pulp and SAP in our region? Thank you very much and in advance I thank you very much for your time and attention.

How can I take a course with you for all the systems that you have in Aluminum and PVC doors, thanks

in terms of products I am looking for gas cookers, induction cookers and hybrid cookers, all in their built-in variant.

I am interested in knowing your willingness to supply raw materials (wheat flour, bread improver, yeast, etc.) for the production of bread and sweets.

We make the promotion and expansion of industrial companies, products, services and development trade.

I am an international buyer in a Cuban agricultural company and I would like to know the prices of the forage harvesters that you sell

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