New import and export business opportunities for Turkish Export Import Companies

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I am Importer of Gypsum Powder & board in India so looking the exporter of these products from Egypt, Turkey, Sudan countreis

Kitchen and tea cups plates Iam looking to start a more Buisness and want to see your products

i need some product items 15 AMP PLUG These are what i need, including the product data sheet as well let the vendor knows that the data sheet of is product is very important

Our company is interested in buying the bulk of the toothpaste (paste itself, without tube), 10-20 tons monthly, shipping to Ukraine. Another option is to buy your recipe and method of technology. Could you please let me know if it’s possible. Could you plaese ask them to email

I am searching laundry equipment factories in Turkey thank you so much! My boss is going to be in Turkey next week and he would be glad to meet the suppliers and visit factories, if possible.

I'm looking for odf with 144 pigtail sc APC You can communicate with me by WhatsApp in my phone number

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