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I would like to have information on a possible lemon operation to Germany for a 40-foot container per week for a one-year contract

we use MDf lam and we sale it also,so can you please send us all the details about the Mdf dimenssions,colors prices etc..

Table description: Desk: 1200*400*800mm,15mm HDF with melmaine,painting edge. Drawer panel:300mm width* 18mm HDF with melmaine,painting edge. Desk front:300mm width* 12mm HDF with melamine,painting edge. chair seat: 1200*300*500mm. 18mm HDF with melmaine,painting edge. Back:1200*250* 18mm HDF with melamine,painting edge. metal:25*1.2mm square tube powder coated

I need some catalogue for electrical cable ,electrical and electronics matriels I want to open a little warehouse for those matriels

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