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ABBASLAR CELIK ESYA is a family owned company which has been leading the quality in educational tools and equipments since 1997. Our company is equipped with modern technology equipment to form metal school desk products with CNC fully automatic machines and products are completed by welding and painting processes with robot technologies in the understanding of superior quality. In the safety of modern technologies, production is made in accordance with the European Norms in the World Quality Standards. The paint quality is equivalent to the white goods sector. In order to increase production capacity in the face of increasing demand, the company aims to continue to offer high quality and durable products by keeping pace with technology with its production speed moving from 400 m2 to 1700 m2. Increasing the number of products with each passing day Penguen Okul Gerecleri presents school desk, dining hall table chair products in various models as a work of strength, aesthetics to educational institutions.

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