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ADA Foreign Trade Co is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We are dedicated to provide best quality service, which is the most important aim of our company. Our supplying portfolio includes the most famous Turkish brands. We have a great possibility to deal with many various products and to reach the suppliers both in Turkey and abroad. We are also export/import agent serving buyers and sellers to source products. From the wide range of services, we are emphasizing the following: negotiating prices and contract terms, processing invoices, arranging freight and insurance, effecting agreed method of payment, etc. Main Sectors: 1 - Automotive 2 - Chemicals 3 - Cleaning Equipment 4 - Construction 5 - Food & Beverage 6 - Home Appliances 7 - Medical Products 8 - Minerals & Metallurgy 9 - Packaging Materials 10 - Sports & Entertainment 11 - Textile Our manufacturers have the necessary international standard certificates and we do business with many countries in the world. We serve to the manufacturers in Turkey to introduce and export their products, seeking the best solutions for their business. We also serve to foreign sellers to find the most suitable partner and distributor in Turkey for marketing their goods. One of our activities is research of Turkish market including price analysis of the products.

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