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Aden MetalAden Metal is basically a construction contracting company specialized in building exterior shell (facade and roof works ) that provides design of systems, procurement of materials, fabrication and assembly of systems, installation of them at construction sites. Beside conventional facade glazing and cladding, company aims particularly to perform ‘complicated’ forms in international plan which requires ultimate engineering and design. It takes its strength from the ability and capability of performing international contracting, hi-tech engineering, management, planning, production in 25.000 sqm CNC machinery park, fast-track mobilisation and site installation. Aden Metal, particularly works and cooperates with Investment Groups, International Architectural Design and Engineering Groups, International Project Management Companies, International General Contractors from tendering, design and engineering phase to planning, manufacturing, site mobilisation and site installation stages. Aden Metal is a leading company with an extensive product portfolio. It combines new systems with new materials, technology, energy, environment protection and energy conservation with determination of realizing “Low-carbon, Function, Safety” Such products include double-skin curtain walls, photovoltaic curtain walls, ecologically friendly curtain walls, video curtain walls and membrane structure curtain walls. We also provide ancillary products related to curtain wall systems, including skylights, canopy systems, solar shading systems, balustrades, fire doors, energy-saving aluminum door and window systems and metal roofs. Aden Metal succeeds many international projects. It acts in a wide geography, particularly in Kazakhistan, Balkans, Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey. Aden Metal is always planning its design and project management activities according to technical conditions of geography, performance criterias and local norms where the project is located. Aden Metal performs its works under different registered branch offices and construction companies which has complete construction and contracting licence and design certificate.

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