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Established in 1976, our main company AKSAKAL GROUP is the biggest door and shutter manufacturer in our region. We have the highest technological furniture machinery in a 3- storey and 7000 m2 closed plant. We have started to purchase and sale furniture machinery in 1991, and have became the biggest machinery whole seller in Black Sea Region. To be capable of export operations, OKMATECH Co. was founded in 2018 as a member of AKSAKAL GROUP. Since then, we have had commercial relations in oversea countries and especially been known in North African and East European markets. Today AKSAKAL GROUP serves to foreign countries in two ways; First one is equip buildings with furniture. According to proposal of our clients we manufactures high quality doors, shuutters, wardropes, cabinets etc and install them. In Qatar and Georgia we have involved projects like this. Second way is provide furniture machinery such as CNC, router, edge banding machine to our clients. It can be just one machine or a turnkey project as we have done in Algeria.

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