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Bariscan Tekstil has been an important clothing manufacturer since 1993. ls located in Bursa/ Turkey. Manufacturer of high quality woven and knitted garments. ln woven Material we make blouses, skirts, dresses and overalls etc..Off all types of fabric such an chiffon, voile, crepe, poplin etc..We also produce T-shirts, knitted dresses,polo shirts etc. in knitwear of all types of fabrics. Bariscan Tekstil' s goal is to become a solution partner for the leading brands in the Fast-Fashion-lndustry. Our professional team offers our valued customers the best quality services. Our departments for merchandising, planning, purchasing, design and samples are completely customer-oriented and the consideration of customer needs has top priority. Depending on the product, we can produce approximately 300000 units/ month. Our production lines are suitable for the production of all types of clothing in all lines. We have the usual certifications from manufacturers and also lnditex and Sedex certificates. Please have a look at our website and contact your contact person. You will be helped further in German, English and Turkish.

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