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Tuncay who is manufacturer of waistband, pocketing and trouser accessories started its commercial activities in 1983 in Istanbul. Tuncay who moved to its own factory in 1996 had a corporate identity in 2007 with “Bayteks Konfeksiyon Urun. Ins. Ith. Ihr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. and continued to be one of the leading companies. Experienced staffs, experience of the years, manufacturing plant with the highest technology machines underlies this success. Since the establishment, Tuncay didn’t compromise its “quality” policy. In every product and service Tuncay provides quality and customer oriented service. Tuncay serves to its customers by making the essential base and technological investments to build up the quality. For this reason, Tuncay strains to present the best to its customers, improves and renews itself to have satisfied customer profile. To us, Accessories are; • Essential part of the complete product. • Reinforces products structurally and makes more functional while making visual aesthetics. • Most important instrument for the manufacturers for every stage of textile and apparel production with thousands of choices. • Represents differentiation and brand. • Increase the value of the product with details. Mission To produce service and product exceeding customer expectations by interpreting the fashion. Vision To be permanent superior and indispensable world brand by making differences with caring the product, service, trust and quality circle.

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