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Our company operates in Turkey since year 2000. Bunge processes and distributes domestically or exported oilseeds according to needs of the sector. It also engages in commercial operations of rice, corn and wheat. Bunge is currently among the largest suppliers of the sector in Turkey. In addition to the two oilseed processing, refining and bottling facilities located in Luleburgaz and Izmir Aliaga, its port and logistics plants serve both vegetable oil companies and final consumers. We sell processed vegetable crude oil to vegetable oil companies operating in the sector. We also refine and bottle vegetable oils, extracted from processed oil seeds and serve it to final consumers’ use. The meal extracted from the seeds is provided to feed plants and thus the seeds are completely utilized during the production process. As Bunge, we acquired the brand Salat in 2013 with a view to bring together consumers with the quality and taste they longed for and we started production of Sunflower, Corn and Canola oil varieties in one of the most modern vegetable oil production facility in Turkey. In all over the world; from wheat to sunflower, from the seed to the bottle, from the manufacturer to the consumer… Bunge will continue be in every moment of life.

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