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Ceremony Corp. has decided to invest in production of Sugarless Stick Gum in the year 2013. The entire infrastructure necessary for the subject matter investment has been completed within 2014 and the production has been started in December 2014. The Company management has 30 years of knowledge and experience in the food products sector led by chocolate. The export network of the company extending to the Middle East, Balkan Countries, Africa and Asia elevates Ceremony Gida into an advantageous position where production of stick gum is concerned. Our main objective is to reach a daily production volume of 75 tons in the year 2018 and to become the largest scale manufacturer in our field in the region. Additionally, maintaining the quality of our manufacturing and services at the highest level by closely following the global developments in the world and technology is one of our primary objectives. Our desire to achieve success and principles of hard work are among our most valued resources in achieving the objectives we set for ourselves. Our facilities that occupy an outdoor area of 20.000 m2 are in possession of 7000 m2 indoor space and they have been designed to conduct production under the most hygienic conditions. The 7 Stick , Aimdent and 7 Fine brands that were developed as a result of long term studies and marketing activities will be offering the natural taste of fruits when they are launched in the market. We took great care to address different taste of palates and protect oral hygiene in developing our products. As Ceremony Corp. our institutional policy is to combine advanced technology with high quality products and to ensure the sustainability of this policy.

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