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we are Elasmar group for Garment industry jeans, Men Jeans, jeans for women ,textile,bed sheet, kids fashion , T Shirts, Shirts Our Factory ready to manufacture any quantity or brand different materials and different prices we want to know our factory in ( QIZ agreement ) and we export to USA we want to know our factory in ( COMESA agreement ) THE FACTORY SITE : characterized as the factory away from the seaport of port said distance of 2kile and half and Damietta seaport distance of 35 kilo meter .that helps for the sea exporting to the all of Europe by the Mediterranean sea so fast as possible. And the center of four pivots wild ways which can be exported by using them , to the all of the Arabic republic of Egypt and the countries of the north Africa and then all the Africa countries and another wild way north and south Sinai distance of 180 k.m can up to Israel then to Asia. Clarify the Port Said strategic location in terms of possession direct contact with three continents 1: Europe is located north of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea 2: Africa in the west and south linked in ways connected to ground 3: Asia in the east (Arab states - Israel and other ... Advantages factory: COMESA agreement whereby exports from Egypt to all (the Convention on the Common Market for East and Southern Africa) There is an agreement with some countries in the Mediterranean and Europe on trade and export QIZ agreement under which are export to America without customs and this is not for all the factories and factory holds a license under No. 102 ABOUT THE FACTORY : began to create the legal entity of the company in 9/1996 and it seemed the completion of the first building (NO. 1) of the factory on an area of 5 meters and highest of 4 storey . and the actual altsail in 2006 and the building was completed the second of the new expansion area of 1000 meters of the building adjacent to the firet also height of 4 storeys in 2008 and the actual operation in 2009 and the completion of terminal 3 area of 1000 m up to 4 storeys of the building adsacent to1.2 and was created jeans laundry on area of 800 and height 6 m , and still doing preparation for it the factory holds ISO 18001 . 9001 and we Do not mind for a partner Hope to do business with your company Have a nice day

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