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Our company was founded by Mazhar Ozgur in 1980 and was named Galeri Aksel LTD in 1993. Specializing in wear manufacturing and trade, the company has been working in men's wear sector for 35 years. The company performs its activity producing mainly men suits, jackets and pants. Design and sewing of most of the products are made at our own factory. The most important principle of our company is producing high quality products. Our company has always been following the newest trends of color and design in men's wear. High quality fabricated for out goods manufacturing capacity makes 50.000 pcs trouser; 20.000 pcs jacket and 15.000 pcs suit. Most of our products, which make %95, have been exported abroad. Amongst the importer countries we should admit Russia, Kazakhston, Romania, Maccdonia, Albania, Algeria, Ukranie, Azerbaijan and other Turkish Republics; and England,Belgium, Ethiopya, Dubai, Senegal, Spain, Irak, Iran, Libya, Kenya, Cameroon

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