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Goknur Foodstuff Imp. Exp. Trading and Production Co. has been active in the food industry since 1993.GOKNUR moves forward step by step by adding new investments every day with the help of it’s dynamic and experienced structure. GOKNUR aims to maintain it’s unique prestige in the future and targets to be the leading trademark in the industry with it’s profesional and well-experienced technical and administrative staff, and by continuously improving it’s dynamic structure and updating it’s machinery and equipment by following latest technological developments. With total Daily processing capacity of 8000 tons of fruits (3000 tons of fruits in Nigde, 100 tons of fruits in Adana-Kozan, 4000 tons of fruits in Afyon-Dinar) GOKNUR produces clear and cloudy fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees/ puree concentrates, fruit juices and frozen fruits by processing a wide range of well-chosen organic & conventional fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, purple/orange carrot, quince, pomegranate, sour/sweet cherry, red/white grape, strawberry,lemon, mulberry, blackberry, orange, grapefruit, mandarine, fig, peach, apricot, plum and tomato. The production facilities are located in Nigde city which is considered as the main fruit source of Turkey. GOKNUR production facilities are located 100 km away from Kayseri city which has an International Airport. Mersin Sea Port is the largest in Turkey, which has a unique importance in terms of Sea Transportation, Logistics and Free Zone and GOKNUR facilities are also located 200 km from Mersin city, connected with highway in between. Furthermore, there is also a railway passing from 500 m near the facilities. GOKNUR facilities are landed on 150.000 m2 of area operating with a state-of-the-art technology, which also includes a 20.000 m2 of ambient storage, 2000 m2 cold storage, an orchard with 20.000 trees and also 40.000 m2 of area for a gas station and fields for sport activities like soccer, basketball and voleyball. A fully-equipped laboratory (AAS, HPLC) is also included in our production complex to perform all physical, chemical and microbiological analyses to ensure the Highest quality. GOKNUR’s products strictly conforms with the A.I.J.N COP Guidelines. All products are certified ISO 9001:2008/ISO 22000:2005, Kosher, Organic Certificates for EU, USDA-NOP & JAS by BCS Oko-Garantie and Halal. More than 80% of the production is exported to 50 countries around the World, mainly to USA and Europe. Around 20% id being sold in the domestic fruit juice market. In order to cover the increasing demand for organic products and in order to improve the quality standards of it’s products, high quality organic products have been produced in GOKNUR’s production facilities since the year of 2000. In addition to fruit processing, GOKNUR also operates Plantation Projects in Nigde and Adana cities. Adana Project is landed on a field we call as “The Pomegranate Valley” which covers 400.000 pomegranate and 30.000 apricot trees to harvest 30.000 tons of pomegranate and 3.000 tons of apricot fruits, respectively. At Nigde orchards, named “Apple Valley”, 5 km away from the production facilities, these numbers are 45.000 tons of apples from 500.000 trees, 3000 tons of pears from 30.000 trees and again 3000 tons of peaches from 30.000 trees. By these huge investments, GOKNUR aims to make the production by processing it’s own fruits. So, GOKNUR successfully follows it’s famous motto, “FRUIT JUICE FROM TREE TO BOTTLE”. GOKNUR makes successive investments in the energy sector in order to reduce the production costs and in order to decrease it’s dependence to other institutions and organizations. The primary one is the construction of a steam house to produce pressurized steam by using powdered coal. A windmill was also constructed in order to reduce the emission of hydrocarbons and a total of 1.600 kwh elecrtricity is obtained from these two investments.

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