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Since 1987, GOKSER has produced tailor made design and production for the Defense and Aviation sectors. GOKSER started its commercial life with the design and production of military tents, mobile hospital A/C systems, currently provides special solutions to Defense and Aviation sectors such as R&D, design, prototype production and serial production. We have 3 brands, one of which is the TECHNIFLEX Industrial flexible air hoses using in land vehicles, ships, planes, helicopters and airports. We are the only manufacturer of these hoses that are used in high temperature or in heavy environmental conditions to transfer air, particles and dust. Our other brand is THERMACOOL, which is established to design and manufacture mobile AC and ventilation systems for military and civil purposes. Special designs produced in line with NATO standards increase the mobility capability of Turkish and foreign military forces. Our third brand is GOKSER that develops special R&D works, design and prototypes for Defense and Aviation sectors. So far we have successfully completed 8 R&D projects, 4 of which were funded by EU and 4 by TUBITAK. Gokser acted as coordinator in two of the EU funded projects and awarded with Tubitak’s special award.

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