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Heavy industries are the driving force behind economic development of a nation ; from fundamental industries such a energy,agriculture,transportation and civil works to service industries like construction rely greatly on national heavy industrial sectors to sustain them. Operationally sound industrial facilities a whole,expand new horizons for nations in establishing their modern and innovative future. It is for his very reason that our business area,construction of vehicle superstructures for a variety of industrial applications,is just one of the contributing sectors to our nation's economic development. Itimat machine,operating in its factory,which is located total area of 11.000 m2 (5200 m2 covered) facilities since 1972, specializes in the manufacturing of on chassis superstructures for trucks.Production includes machine and coarse processing of wide range of sheet steel quality grates starting from st-37,custom cutting,processing,welding,painting and coating of steel pipes and shafts. Heavy industry sector in Turkey has attained and internationally competitive status. The workforce has accumulated experience and insight in all aspects,ranging from administrative to technical ,which helped carry the sector on to the international platform. Years of accumulated experience, know how and technical infrastructure of our company allows us to successfully under take design and production of special purpose machinery per the specifications of our clients. We at Itimat machine proudly claim to have successfully completed every assignment impeccably and on time.

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