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Jasanwit Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd(the former is Janswin Electronic Technology Company) is a global supplier of specialized security products and a service provider of solutions. Founded in 2012, Jasanwit is a high-tech industry company which integrates R&D, production, sale and system together with the core of audio and video technology research. Located in High-tech Industrial Park in Nanshan Shenzhen, Jasanwit is an important technology-based venture enterprise supported by the State.Jasanwit is committed to the development and application of the worlds leading video security technology. We currently own three series: surveillance cameras series, including camera modules (CCD/CMOS series, AHD series, HD-TVI series and IPCAM series), and all kinds of cameras(analog/IP/HD-SDI cameras);video recorder series, including NVR/DVR/MDVR and so on; smart home series, including intelligent electrical apparatus, smart door curtain, intelligent water gas ,intelligent lighting and smart home security and other fields. Jasanwit is devoted herself to the construction and improvement of two series of intelligent integrated software management platform. One is GPS location management platform, including the location of vehicles, students, the elderly and the mentally disabled vulnerable groups. At the same time, we owns the top video surveillance (including mobile monitoring) management platform, such as video surveillance management platform of community, road, smart cities, safe cities and so on. Jasanwit concentrates on providing professional solutions for various industries consistently. Our main application areas are : solutions of security and smart home, including professional devices and solutions applied in residential homes, villas, clubs, hotels, digital communities, office automation areas and so on; solutions of locating, video (including scheduling) monitoring program on all kinds of vehicles; solutions of safe cities and smart cities. Jasanwit takes“Sure we can, Sure we do” as service philosophy, good product quality as basis and we adhere to customer-centric to improve the service, customer satisfaction and experience continuously. We also pay great attention to achieving self-worth and win-win situation with our customers while meeting the needs of domestic and overseas customers. We will keep the spirit of learning, innovation, service and responsibility to be a global leader in providing intelligent security products and solutions.

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