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KARMA Yn?aat Makina ve Dy? Ticaret A.?, since 1990's, has been providing after sale services to the construction sector of Turkey under subjects of concrete and foundation. At the offices and main service facility in Tuzla-Ystanbul, after sales services of commissioned machines are provided with our select and experienced personnel. Quality Policy Our quality policy is to advance in along the special needs of our customers and our objectives. · To increase the product and service quality. · To make the necessary investments for our quality · To give the best education to our workers by following the technological developments. · To adopt the idea that the customer is always the right and ensure our personnel has this understanding as well. Main Values · Customer satisfaction · Product and service quality · Being trustworthy · Being innovative and creative · Being consistent and good in timing · Being respectful to the laws and ethics Our Objectives · To be a famous brand with the name of Karma Makina · To increase the level of satisfaction of our customers in and out of the country. Vision Our vision is to exist for ages with our dynamic team, to unite via technology and win every struggle by powerful service. Mission To obey the policy and principles of our company.

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