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Our company has started its commercial activity producing sheet metal plates in 2002. Mabas Metal has inserted the first laser cutting machine in an indoor field of 2000 m2 with a team of 10 staff. Through this investment Mabas Metal presents sheet metal plates as semimanufactured to its customers by processing through the machines. In 2009, our company doubled its capacity inserting laser cutting and CNC Abkant machines. In 2011, inserted the third laser cutting machine to be able to fulfil increasing requests. In 2014, gained a full position presenting fast and qualified productions thanks to institution of full automatic coating (copper, nickel, chrome) after its inveestments. Currently, our company, proceeding in an 6000 m2 indoor field, offers faster solutions with its team of 30 professional staff. Mission To make productions suited to specific gauges, rules and standards for manipulation of the sheet metal plate and the metal coating and to produce solutions related to process of coating, which is a common problem in our sector, for our customers and partners in a very professional way.

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