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Mekik Hali started commercial activities in 1978 as a company which is engaged in marketing activities.Our company,which shows the fastest growth in the production of wall to wall carpets in Turkey and as a result of this taking its place among the major companies ,started manufacturing in 1991 at Kayseri Organized Industrial Area on 16.000 m2 area with “ESCORT” brand .Our company is engaged in production and sale of tufted wall to wall carpets, anti-slip gel backing runners and artificial grass carpets with different gauges and a wide varierty of designs and colours. As secondary backing (polyester felt) costs are an important input for our company and determines our cost prices,Serbest Carpet has been established in 2000 at Kayseri Free Zone on 28.000 m2 area to be able to manufacture secondary backing.Escoplast has been established at Kayseri Organized Industrial Area on 15.000 m2 area to be able to manufacture raw materials for our staple fiber facility Serbest Carpet.Finally we have reached the advanced level at our sector with Printed Carpet and gel backing facility which we imported the line from Europe. Mekik Hali which invests by using its own resources,continues to invest in the same way to provide continuity of the service.Mekik Hali transfers the experience and knowledge to the international markets which acquires it from domestic market and exports more than 20 countries • Mekik Hali aims to present products and service suitable to world standards with all its employees and while doing this customer satisfaction is our first priority.In this way,aims to be the symbol of dignity,reliability and continuity for its country,customers and retailers. • Targets and Principles of Mekik Hali: Its our first priority to respond our customers’ expectations with quality and stability.Its our responsibility to claim our products and to be near our customers after sales.Its our main goal to be the best in terms of quality,service and customer relations and protecting this image in front of public opinion. • Our most important capital is our human resources.The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our employees. • Our goal is to find resources for continuous development.It is our motto to comply with business ethics and honest working principles. • Its our permanent principle to act in good faith and understanding and to comply with the laws and moral principles in order to ensure mutual benefit.Its our another basic principle and we are the Pioneer of it which is to fulfill our responsibilities for today’s people and future generations.Its our duty to act with the conscience of the protection of the environment and spreading this awareness for our country and the world.We target to reflect our power to Turkish Economy which we take heart from it. Cemal BOZKURT Chairman of the Board

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