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Our company was established in Bursa/TURKEY at 1993. We started manufacturing by producing foam molds for automotive endustry. At 1999 we started PU foam manufacturing and since then we have got development at this field. Our main product groups are memory foam pillows, cushions, mattresses, mattress toppers and waterproof mattress protectors . We are also able to provide our customers each kind of molded foam items for home textile , automotive and other related endustries. We produce high quality memory foam products for medical endustry and home textile as well. We have our own brand Soft Life Visco which is a well –known brand in domestic market. Our main export regions are Europe and Africa countries. We are able to produce for our customers label and logo. Regarding quality plesase note that after making long time researches we reached the high quality that we aimed and solved off gasing odor problem. We produce our products one by one from open cell visco elastic material in special designed molds. Thanks to mold system the density of material remains in mold and this increases comfort and use time of the product. We can provide our customers high quality and short delivery times with competitive prices.

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