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Vakumplast was established on 1978 by Mr. Necati Avci with the partnership of Avci family members . The main reason for the success of the company in the market was the great experience of Mr. Necati Avci in plastic market and on plastic machines. Company first began to work with manufacturers of leather and wrapping and then added bathroom accessories to production line. Vakumplast was sourcing ABS and PS sheets for production from outsources till 1983 and after 1983 built up a production line for plastic rigit sheets from Reifenhauser ( Germany) in house and began to source not only their needs but for their customers in house . Vakumplast added the raw materials ABS,PS and PE crystal to production line and by using multiple choices of raw materials we also began to enlarge customer base and working areas as well and began to work with luggage manufacturers, shower bath / bath tubes manufacturers, automative spare parts manufacturers due to increasing production potential Vakumplast need to expand and decide to move factory . Vakumplast began construction of the new factory building at Silivri-Degirmenkoy on an area belong to company on 1995 and moved to the new factory complex on 1996 Vakumplast new factory building located on 22.000 m2 and have 5.500 m2 closed area, considered best ergonomic conditions ,logistic and production. Vakumplast renewed the stuff and added a new and much capable production line from Kuhne on year 2003 to help our mission to our customers which is high quality standart and customer satisfaction, In 2007 and 2009 Vakumplast added 2 new lines to production which one of them is capable to produce 2.200 mm width

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