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Nefab, the global partner for complete packaging solutions, offers expendable & reusable packaging products including wooden pallet collars, collapsible wooden crates, foldable no nail boxes, VCI packaging, ESD (Electro Static Discharge), steel containers & racks, export packaging, foam cushioning, and additional custom packaging products! Being a global packaging manufacturer and custom crating company, Nefab’s focus is on cost reduction for its customers through the supply of optimized packaging materials. The use of lightweight packaging materials also helps significantly reduce air freight crating costs among other modes of transport. Nefab is dedicated to the environment and offers green packaging design solutions which are ISPM 15 compliant for export. We have been recommended by many of the world’s largest industrial manufacturers for our quality, cost saving mindset, in-house packaging design competence and international presence. We offer a unique value proposition to six industrial segments: Telecom, Energy, Industry, Healthcare equipments, Aerospace, Vehicles among others.

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