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Plastek pvc. and ins. sec. tic. Ltd. was founded in 1993. Coating industry, water treatment sectors, automotive spare parts, plastic manufacturing and repairs has been about. Automobile and motorcycle plastic devices to be able to repair this, plastics has produced a full-compatible plastic electrodes. Our company has been working as a leader in the automobile and motorcycle repair with plastic. Plastic repair with the provision in the sector firms in the production of plastic electrode supplier. When it comes to training we provide our production, marketing, and repairs the car and motorcycle parts, Prolektro-branded proprietary product to be available in 2009 plastic and was a serious customer portfolio. Sector repairs; While it is being done the wrong things, such as adhesives, wire gauze, cloth and plastic parts of the welding technology implemented by the company. Wire mesh and adhesives for plastic yaralayarak easily eliminates the possibility of repair again. Our company uses hot air gun source of plastics. According to the degree of melting of plastics in boiling time is variable. This system is healthier than the wrong applications and fast. We have made the production of plastic electrodes 4 variety. PP POLYPROPYLENE P 4 BLACK ABS ACRYLONITRILE S 4 BLACK BUTADIENE STYRENE PE POLYETHYLENE E 4 BLACK PE POLYETHYLENE E 4 WHITE PA PLIAMID PA 2 BLACK

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