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Air cooled induction machines 40KW air cooled induction machine for hot shrink fitting, reassembly, diassembly, pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment, PWHT stress relieving.. Technical Specifications 40KW air-cooled induction heating machine Output power 40KW Output Frequency 15-25KHz Air cooling with built-in fan. 380V +- %10 50/60Hz Flexible induction heating cable Min. 400°C high temperature resistant Thermocouple Momentarily see the work piece temperature increase Machine features Power adjustable induction heating front panel. Power can be adjusted according to the size of the heating area. Front panel: Ampermeter, voltmeter, power adjustment button, start-stop button, digital temperature indicator, main power switch, emergency stop button. Side panel: Thermocouple connection port, flexible induction heating cable connection port. Machine capabilities Compact and portable induction heating system. Easy set-up and operation. Easy maintanence. Non-stop work duty with highly reliable IP2 protection system. Reduced cycle time with fast heating to required temperatures. Safety: induction heating does not require hot heating elements. Versatile applications can be done with the same equipment. Main sectors Shipyards, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, steel factories, rolling mills, heavy industry factories, railway operations, wind turbine engine rooms, maintanence departments of large factories.. Use Cases Disassembly / Removal Coupling, large bearing, gear/shaft; fast and easy diassembling with uniform induction heating. Reassembly / Shrink fitting Coupling, bearing, gear/shaft; fast and easy shrink fitting with uniform induction heating. Pre-weld heat treatment Pre-weld heat treatment of pipelines. PWHT Stress Relieving Post-weld heat treatment stress relieving of pipelines. Process example Disassembling a coupling with the 40KW air-cooled induction machine 1 Prepare Wrap ceramic blanket for insulation. Wrap the flexible induction heating cable. Adjust power according to the work piece size and desired heating time. 2 Heat Start the machine. Induction heating continues until the preset temperature is reached. 3 Disassemble Easily disassemble with the help of hydraulic pulling.

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