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Teknom Yapi was founded in 2009 in Ankara. Teknom Yapi is not only undertaking the decoration of a mosque, but also every phase of its construction. From the architectural project to the stage of carpet laying, it carries out all the stages with a professional and most importantly competent team. Teknom Yapi is a crowded team. The masters we work with have one thing in common; almost all of them are doing their father's profession all over Anatolia. At the summit of the profession, we reach the names wherever they are due to our responsibility. Stone and Marble, Tile, Wood, Stained Glass, Embroidery, Orgy, Calligraphy and many other titles are working with competent craftsmen. In 15 years, 130 mosques have been successfully delivered. More than 600 mosques and places of worship I can say that I have partially worked. As of 2019; 8 mosques are in our ongoing projects. Throughout my entire career, I have tried to expand my area of ​​benefit by seeing and completing my shortcomings. My aim is that the difference between the architectural project and the completed work in each unit is close to nothing. It's always been like this before after that, by Allah's leave

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